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We have been offering therapeutic massage services for over 20 years. Our mastery of various techniques allows us to provide individualized service with improved therapeutic effects according to your needs and expectations.  Some of our massages are reimbursed by additional insurance.  ASCA Foundation Certified Therapist.

Onguents et serviettes pour le Massage Privilège - Privilège Esthétique Montreux
Privilege Massage
​​ 60 min therapy - 140  CHF
​​ 1h 30 min therapy - 180  CHF
60 min relaxing - 120  CHF
​​ 1h 30 min relaxing - 180  CHF


Discover this unique massage, the result of 20 years of experience. A huge number of movements from various techniques such as Swedish massage, Balinese, lomi lomi, and the therapeutic approach of medical massage. 

If your complementary health insurance allows it, your massages can be reimbursed

Cliente apaisée pendant ​Massage relaxation - Privilège esthétique Montreux
​ Massage  
​​ Therapeutic 1h - 120  CHF
Therapeutic  1h30 mins - 160  CHF
Relaxing 1h - 100 CHF
Relaxing 1h30 - 140  CHF


Therapeutic massage eliminates pain and stress, bringing the patient to a better physical and psychological state. It aims to alleviate and treat illnesses that may affect the body.

To allow the body to relax, a relaxing massage affects everything that forms the human being. On a physical level, it loosens knots, muscle and joint tensions, thereby eliminating the toxins that underlie depressions.

​Massage aux Pierres Chaudes chez Privilège Esthétique Montreux
​Hot Stone Massage
​​ 1 hour 15 mins - 160 ​ CHF


Relaxing and moisturizing massage with hot stones and argan oil.  This traditional practice consists of heating basalt stones in a tub of hot water whose temperature remains constant in order to induce a physiological effect of relaxation and detoxification while massaging with these stones. This promotes drainage and evens out circulation. The effect of the heat on the skin helps to remove impurities accumulated in the body. 

Drainage lymphatique - Montreux
Lymphatic drainage
​​ 60  mins - 120​  CHF

Package 10 sessions - 1100  CHF

Relieves edema, inflammation, eczema and acne. It also acts on the nervous system (sedative effect), on the muscles (evacuation of lactic acid), on the immune system (stimulation of the body's defences), and on intestinal transit (treatment of constipation). 

​Massage nuque, épaules & dos Institut de beauté Montreux
Neck, shoulders & back massage
​​ 30 mins - 65  CHF


Specific & therapeutic massage, eliminates pain and stress bringing  better physical and psychological condition. A restructuring of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments), with the aim of eliminating spasms or contractures, causes of tension and pain.  It involves deep muscle massage, fascia therapy, pressure points, and trigger point unwinding. This type of massage is suitable for all ages.

Ventousothérapie_montreux_soin_institut de beauté
cupping therapy
​​ 60 mins - 140​  CHF


Acupuncture points are chosen depending on the disease to be treated. Effective for respiratory, rheumatic, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, back pain, dermatological, digestive, gynecological pain or recurrent headaches and migraines. Tendonitis, sprains, spasms and constipation. Blockages are dissolved, pain is reduced, blood circulation improves, muscles relax, internal fever is reduced. 

​Massage spécial des jambes dans notre institut de beauté Montreux
Special leg massage
30 mins - 65


After sport, physical exertion or heaviness in the legs.  Its deep action provides the patient with a feeling of physical and emotional comfort. Regulates the internal circulation of the body in order to ensure the supply of blood and lymphatic vessels even when physical effort is most intense. Warms the body temperature to remove all blockages in the energy system. Softens and mobilizes muscle tissue. 

Anti-cellulite and water retention by Maderotherapy

30 mins - 70  CHF   60 mins - 140  CHF
Madothérapie pratiquée sur le fessier d'une cliente - séances de massage Montreux
Maderotherapy is a massage technique that uses wooden instruments, each with a specific use to sculpt each area of the body, moving and draining accumulated fatty tissue and cellulite. The technique uses a series of repetitive movements using several different wooden instruments, and applying very targeted pressure, intended to intensify the breakdown of fat cells, so that it can be eliminated naturally along with other toxins through the lymphatic system.
Ventre de femme enceinte de profil avant massage chez Privilège esthétique Montreux
For pregnant women
60 mins - 120


The massage for pregnant women is a gentle and very enveloping massage. It aims to improve blood circulation, soften the skin and muscles, relieve leg and back pain, improve the immune system and breathing.

Massage crânien d'une cliente à l'Institut Privilège Esthétique de Montreux
Head massage
30 mins - 65


A massage of the head, neck, shoulders and face.  It can have calming-relaxing or toning-stimulating effects. It eliminates muscle tension and stress.

Massage Sculpture du visage d'une cliente à l'Institut Privilège Esthétique de Montreux
face sculpt
30 mins - 70

Package 10 sessions 600  CHF

An extremely original and subtle technique, which stimulates all the muscles of the face with a double internal and external massage, based on the techniques of JOËLLE CIOCCO.

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