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Discover innovative treatments for your face and body without the side effects. PRX-T33 is biorevitalization with a peeling effect. It treats loss of tone, scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation and can be practiced in all seasons.

This treatment can be done on the face but also on the body, mainly the neckline and the hands. It is suitable for all skin colors. Reboost the natural radiance of your skin and activate your cell renewal without downtime!

montreux prx t 33.png
PRX-T33 facial
1 session - 30min - 180 CHF
Package 5 sessions - 180  CHF per session + free cream and serum!

The PRX-T33 is suitable for:

  • Boost the radiance and luminosity of the skin.

  • Improve skin hydration.

  • Treat enlarged pores.

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Reduce recent scars.

  • Fade red stretch marks.

  • Plump wrinkled skin.

  • Erase dark spots (melasma).

It is strongly recommended to continue your treatment at home with the WiQo associated care range.

This range potentiates and perpetuates the results of the treatment at the institute.

This is composed of two moisturizing and nourishing creams, a fluid and a body cream with glycolic acid.

PRX - T33 neckline 
1 session -  30mins - CHF180
Package 5 sessions - 180  CHF per session
+2 Products offered (value 170chf)

If you are thinking of taking care of the skin of your face, you must not forget that of the neck and décolleté. It is also extremely fragile and requires special care to remain radiant and healthy. The skin of the neck and décolleté is twice as thin as that of the face, it is also very exposed to the rays of the sun and other external aggressions. . It is therefore marked more quickly and may present wrinkles and fine lines which give a crumpled appearance. She may also seem more relaxed. PRX - T33 de décolleté is there to help you firm, smooth the skin and act as a tensor effect for immediate and lasting effectiveness on the skin.

prx - t33 Montreux vaud riviera.png
montreux prx - t33 decolette.PNG

It is always more advantageous to combine several treatments at the same time or to buy a package of several sessions. The saving of time and material allows us to make you benefit from lower prices.

1 session 





300 chf

5 sessions





1500 chf
2 products

PRX-T33 is a treatment that can be used alone or in combination. It integrates perfectly with combined techniques

PRX - T33 + Mesotherapy
1 session -  1 hour - CHF270
Package 5 sessions - 230 CHF per session

PRX-T33 therapy combines perfectly with mesotherapy. By combining these treatments, which are very effective separately, we obtain a double effect. While PRX-T33 works mainly on cleaning and lifting the skin, mesotherapy helps fight deeper wrinkles. The results obtained after such a procedure are very impressive. As with all treatments of this type, a minimum of five sessions is recommended.

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